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Healthy and sustainable food for cats and dogs.

Fisky Petfood premium dog and cat food consists of pure fish ingredients packed with healthy vitamins and minerals that have an excellent effect on the health of your dog and cat. Ordering fish for your pet is easy!


Fisky Pure Fish Petfood consists of pure fish in combination with local Dutch products


Our products are completely grain and gluten free and contain no added sugars, artificial fragrances, colors, flavors and preservatives


Fish is a fantastic healthy and pure product that is easily digestible and contains a high dose of Omega 3, so healthy & tasty!


Dog & Cat Pals

The origin and production process of the ingredients in the pet food can be traced. Know what your animal eats. We strive to prevent waste of fish and to use this wonderful raw material in a circular way by producing excellent quality animal feed.

- Fisky

Why choose fish ?

Fish is a pure and healthy product and is very popular with dogs and cats. In addition, fish also contributes to a more vital life of your lovely pet.

Skin condition  – The Omega 3 in fish oils support the recovery of dry and irritated skin.

coat condition  – The Omega 3 in fish oils have a positive effect on the  coat of your dog and cat.

Joint flexibility  – Omega 3 has an anti-inflammatory effect and can relax the painful and tired joints of your dog and cat.

Digestion and gut health  – Fish proteins are easy to digest and reduce the growth of unwanted intestinal bacteria in your dog and cat.  Due to the easy digestibility of fish, the products are ideal for dogs and cats with a slow digestive system and for sensitive stomachs.

Brain and eye development  – The mineral balance and Omega 3 in fish are important factors in the development of the brain and eye capacity of your dog and cat.

The delicious taste of fish  – Fish has a strong taste and smell that dogs and cats love, so no unhealthy flavor enhancers are needed, which you often come across as an addition in pet food. Fisky only uses fresh fish and is therefore a pure and healthy choice for your dog and cat.

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